At Winnie & Ethel’s, it’s alway’s dine o’clock

Aaron Lee and Mal Gott


Winnie & Ethel’s Downtown Diner is here to deliver delicious food in an astonishing space, creating a welcoming place where our downtown Las Vegas family can gather, break bread, and forge bonds that build community—any time of the day or night.  Round-the-clock service should begin in 2024.

Monday 8am - 2pm
Tuesday 8am - 2pm
Wednesday 8am - 2pm
Thursday 8am - 2pm
Friday 8am - 2pm
Saturday 8am - 4pm
Sunday 8am - 4pm


Located in the vibrant Huntridge Center at 1130 E Charleston Blvd, Suite #140, Las Vegas, NV 89104, Winnie & Ethel’s Downtown Diner is nestled at the intersection of Charleston Blvd and Maryland Pkwy, right in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. You’ll find plenty of parking in the Center’s spacious parking lot.

Aaron Lee and Mal Gott